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Safety : UBER and HopSkipDrive

Many of us (in the USA) are using UBER. AT the same time Japan, Korea (not the North one..), Brazil, Israel have pains introducing UBER in their environment

There are two problems: it is difficult to taxi driver to compete with individuals who have no traditional taxi expenses (like medalion). Much more sever problem is a security. The most profound example is Israel. Recent stabbings by angry Palestinian children, granmothers and just bystanders show that any UBER Palestinian driver can impose a direct threat to Israeli passengers. And what about using this model for transportation of children? Sounds even more scary? May be not ..

HopSkipDrive – The Uber for Kids – Raises $10.2M.

HopSkipDrive is a ride service to get kids where they need to go when their parents can’t. It was created by three moms who understand the stress of driving kids to all of their activities, and the safety concerns parents have putting their children in someone else’s car. HopSkipDrive is more akin to a carpool on-demand service. as the company deals with young children, there are a whole different, more stringent set of rules and regulations that the company must follow. Additionally, the company has made an effort to go above and beyond the legal restrictions, subjecting potential drivers to a rigorous certification process.

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