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Technology Can Track and Take Down Rogue Drones

Drones are our hope for a fast delivery of goods, management of agriculture, protection of natural resources and more. They can be used for illegal activity (attack infrastructure, spying, intrusion into privacy, dropping a gun into a prison and even murder). Users of drones can unintentionally cause air disasters (collision of their drones with planes and helicopters). Many companies involved into development of technology for tracking and taking down rogue drones

The problem is not only about “shoot down a drone”, which is usually done by jamming of communication of a drone with its Command and Control Center and communication with satellite (GPS). Nothing serious can be done until Government will regulate this industry on all levels: creation national, state and city corridors for drowns. Creation of authority which will take care of changes in a drone-highway system; city regulations regarding “airfields for drone” (one can imagine that instead of doorman, US mail will be delivered by droneman who will pick up a mail from the airfield on the roof of the apartment building). Once everything will be regulated, we can take care of unregistered drones or drones which are registered but used improperly. And by the way. I had seen a spy drone which is not using any communication and any GPS … nothing to jam

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