Is a ban on books reasonable?

First time after 70 years ban Germany's authorities allows publication of Mein Kamph, but decided to restrict publication: an annotated, academic edition will be allowed - but not other uncritical editions.

BBC correspondent:

Germans are still distinctly uncomfortable with the idea that they might suddenly start seeing the Fuehrer's face adorning shop windows, not to mention the moral issue of making a profit out of an anti-Semitic text written by Hitler.a At the same time the book is available on Amazon. Is it worth reading, at least from historical perspective? This was my motivation to buy a book and read it.

I would not write a long review - it simply a very primitive book and does not worth attention. It is much more primitive than books by other "geniuses" I read - Stalin, Mao and Lenin. When you read Mao, it is also profound that the writing is primitive, but there is at least a link between a sentence you are reading and a previous one. Not in Mein Kamph!

At the same time it is important to note that by the time of the first publication of Mein Kamph in mid-twenties and until mid-thirties, liberal media of that time considered a book as "just a way to get popularity" and not something that will be implemented. When Iran is declaring that they will wipe out Israel, the liberals of today consider it as a declaration needed for internal politics. I want to disappoint people who believe in "internal political needs" - whatever is published is meant to be implemented.. .and not only by the author of Mein Kampf

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