IT Security breaches in 2015

The top three locations by volume where companysensitive data is stored and must be protected are: databases (49%), file servers (39%), and the rapid growth area for cloud service environments (36%).

Databases, file servers, and the cloud hold the vast bulk of sensitive data assets, but for many (38%) mobile is perceived as a high-risk area of concern

Why people are concerned with mobile and cloud security? It is the same as was just 15 years ago... People afraid to provide their credit cards online

I afraid because it is not in my hands... Illusion of being in charge of your own security

In reality the most probable spies just in the Ministry of Defence and the most probable intruders are in your office.

When asked about who posed the biggest internal threat to corporate data, a massive 55% of respondents said privileged users, nine percentage points behind on 46% were contractors and service providers, and then business partners at 43%.

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